What Would Jesus Do?


Living in a day and time when people are at such polar opposites, 

it is sometime difficult to discern

What is Right?

What is Wrong?

Some years ago, a phrase that was quite popular was

"What would Jesus do?"

I suggest we revive that question.

Let us look to Jesus for the answer.

How did He Live?

What did He do in His years on this earth?

If you are unsure about with which side of the argument to agree,

perhaps make three columns on a piece of paper.

Write the Opposing Names / Issues as Headers on two columns;

Write "Jesus" on the third column.

Now write a list of what you know about each, under each name.

Write what you understand of Jesus in the other.

Or, what can you hear Him he say.

I think as each of us can come to know and understand the Heart of Jesus, then we will know what is right and what is wrong.

Simply ask:

What would Jesus do?

Would Jesus behave this way?

Is the Love of Christ present?

What would Jesus do?

© Rev.Mary Ann Tourjee 2019