To Stop, To Breathe, To See

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 I had the opportunity to visit

a lovely park; to sit and look out on its pond;

to see the ducks and the geese gathered round.

I gazed upon the seemingly simple, and yet complex

patterns of the bark upon the trees, of stones in the water.


In nature we see the ebb and the flow of creation.

We see trees that stand tall, reaching their arms to

the Great Sun - trees that live for hundreds of years.

We see the geese that know and understand

their patterns of migration.  

All around us, there is the opportunity to see

the work of our Creator in its glory.


How much we can learn from these great ones.

We become so caught-up in the unnatural ebbs and flows

of this man-made world that we forget who we are.


Like the trees and the geese and the ducks,

we, too, are beautiful beings of Light.

May we remember this today,

and go beyond - and see and be once

again a part of the world that was and is meant to be.

Celebrate Nature!   Celebrate the Divine.

© Rev.Mary Ann Tourjee 2019