To Dwell in the House of the Lord

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To dwell in the shelter of the Lord,

To dwell in the shadow of the Lord,

to dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life . . .

These are words that we pray; they are words that we sing.

They are words of hope.

They are words that meet us in the here and now where we are.

They are not about God being out there somewhere that is inaccessible to us. 

These are words that cry out, 

"God is here!  The Lord is so close I can be in His shadow,

I can dwell in Her house! 

What is it like to dwell in that house all of our days and all of our nights? 

Since we are there, have we failed to see it?  

Have we failed to know where we are?

If we walk through each moment of each day carrying the awareness that each moment of our life is held in a room within the house of the Lord, how will that awareness shape the moment?  Will we be changed in that knowing?

I challenge you to enter this day with that awareness - to know that today you are walking through God's house - to know that there will be moments when God will pass by so close to you that you will be in His shadow -  and, to know that if the storms arise, you are also in the shelter of the Lord. 

Let's see what it is like to open our eyes and see this house in which we dwell; let's open all of our senses to truly experience it;  let's see if this awareness changes the course of our day. . . see if it changes us! 

I invite you to share your experience with others, and challenge them to enter into this journey, too!

© Rev.Mary Ann Tourjee 2019