Friends for the Journey


In 2011, as I watched my Siamese cat, Royal, 

and golden retriever, Grace,

I knew that they are

friends for the journey.

When Grace joined the household

at 8 weeks old,

the cat, Royal, immediately

took charge of her.

With great determination

he took her head between his two front paws,

carefully extended his claws,

and held her firmly with claws carefully place upon her,

face to face,

and then, like a mother caring for her child, 

Royal would wash Grace's face.

The wiggly little puppy 

remained still and calm,

until at last, Royal considered the job done,

and released her.

In 2011, five years later,

in the early morning hours,

as Royal peacefully slept on my lap,

Grace came to greet us with her 

peaceful, loving golden smile.

She gently placed her head upon my lap


Royal awoke, 

and moved over to her;

purring away with eyes closed,

washed her face and entire head, 

this time with paws gently tucked beneath him.

And Grace received the gift,

in a state of bliss.

Yes, these came as the angels in my life.

They cared for each other,

and they cared for me - 

bringing me

peace, joy, and love

day after day,

moment after moment,


Today, in 2019, Grace has passed-on.

Royal sleeps in my lap with my arm as his pillow as I type.

Much loved and honored.


© Rev.Mary Ann Tourjee 2019