Nancy & Mary Ann will give you much information about yourself spiritually, and assist with wholistic healing techniques that your soul is crying out for. Treat yourself! You deserve growth & healing! I am so grateful for their Womens Meditation Group & the opportunity to learn from them.

Elaine Dunn, RN, Holy Fire Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Greenfield, MA

So pleasant and relaxing there.  I always feel like Im wrapped in a blanket of love!. M.W. Reiki I training with Nancy has been transformational! It helps with aches and pains but also has significantly reduced my anxiety with daily practice.

Client:  C.L.

I went to Nancy & Mary Ann, for the first time ever seeing or experiencing a star reading < Transcendental Astrology > and clearing or cleansing ritual. All I knew was that my heart and body were on 2 different paths. I have had plenty of counseling through time, and currently  was seeing someone to help with time management. My first experience of cleansing was amazing, I felt physically lighter when I left, my mind was clear and calm, and I felt healthier. The star readings <Transcendental Astrology> from Mary Ann were so on target that I became a believer in 1 session. I return every month or so for clearings and readings , sometimes for special help with heart openings or special star readings to see the possible paths I may encounter, also to see my strengths and weaknesses , so I can apply that to any life situation . I cannot say enough of how these two ladies have helped me on my path. I remain calm, clear and focused with the help of Nancy & Mary Ann . I sent my Daughter and Son in law prior to their marriage, to the Spiritual Healing Temple for a Relationship Reading, and my daughter was amazed at how accurate the astrology reading was considering they had never met before!  The Spiritual Healing Temple and Transcendental Astrology Readings are now a part of my life. Thank You Nancy & Mary Ann  B.P.

Client:  B.P., Athol, MA

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