Spiritual Astrology

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Triplicities & Quadraplicities of Astrology, Geometric Drawing by Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee, Spiritual Astrologer

About Spiritual Astrology

The moment you were  – born in time, in space – is a mystical time of union of the universal energies.  “As above, so below”.  

In a moment in time your life energies are photographed by the planetary dance in a synchronicity that is with you throughout your life journey.  As above, so below.  

It is a sacred moment that brings together the physical and the non-physical, a melding space of time, body and soul.    

Spiritual Astrology is an ancient tool, which provides insight into where you have been — yes, even in past life — and insight into this earthwalk — insight into your potentials, your challenges, and most importantly what replenishes your energy, what is your “reigning need”, and what is the one lesson that you simply must learn in this lifetime.  And, there is so much more!  

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Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee, Spiritual Astrologer

Spiritual Astrologer, Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee, utilizes several ancient tools, exploring their synchronistic dance, which provides great insight into your journey.  Using Astrology, Numerology and the I Ching, she is able to assist you in understanding so much about yourself.  Additionally, this can assist in understanding the strengths and challenges in close personal relationships;  it can assist in making vocation choices, and so much more!  

As we explore, into our present, into the future, and even into the past —  using tools such as Astrology, Numerology, and the I Ching — it becomes much like a weather forecast  a description of the energetic environment which surrounds us on our journey.  

Perhaps this is described best by my teacher and mentor, Master Astrologer, Noel Tyl:

“While we know the change in barometric pressure, the velocity and direction of the wind, the path and past record of the storm center…we still cannot know where each raindrop will hit upon my car, or in what order."

It is so important, always, that we remember that life is filled with circumstances that are beyond our control, and that in every moment we make choices which determine much in our journey whatever the weather.  

It is my hope that a Spiritual Astrology Consultation can provide assistance for you in understanding weather as you make your moment by moment choices along the way.

Astrology Consultations

The Natal Horoscope


The Astrology Consultation is a comprehensive study which focuses upon the birth chart, utilizing the Noel Tyl Method of Astrology, Numerology, and/or Astrology of the I Ching.  This method offers insight into issues which may be at play in the adult life, which may be rooted in early home life issues;  it offers insight into life challenges & life lessons;  it offers insight into what energizes the Client, the reigning need which must be fulfilled, and the life lesson which must be learned; and it offers insight into the general temperament of the times.

If you are interested in scheduling the Astrology Consultation, appointments are usually one to two weeks from the time of the request and from receipt of the needed information for that appointment.

TIME:  1 - 1 1/2 Hrs.    ENERGY EXCHANGE:  $125

{Note:  The Spiritual Astrology Consult is a central piece of the First Spiritual Healing Consult.  If you are also interested in that type of appointment, which also includes insight from Nancy Higgins, request THE TRADITIONAL APPOINTMENT.  Time:  1 1/2 Hrs - 2 Hrs;  ENERGY EXCHANGE:  $150}

Consultations After the Astrology Consultation:

Six-Month Forecast

Utilizing appropriate tools, Mary Ann prepares chart work which suggests potentials for the upcoming six months. which is discussed with the Client.

TIME:  1 hour.   ENERGY EXCHANGE:  $75

Vocational Analysis

A study of the Horoscope, focused on specific aspects which suggest components which may assist the Client in understanding the types of vocation which suggest potential for reaching highest fulfillment.   Mary Ann will carefully discuss what is suggested through the study.

TIME:  1 hour.  ENERGY EXCHANGE: $125

Relationship Consult  {for 2 people.  Note:  Both must have completed the Spiritual Astrology consult} 

Mary Ann prepares a comparative study of the two horoscopes, specifically examining components that suggest impact to relationship, and discusses this with the Couple.  This can be a very enlightening time as it often may reveal trigger points between the two.  This is suggested for couples considering commitment;  it is suggested for those already in relationship who need assistance in better understanding each other.

TIME:  1 1/2 - 2 HOURS    ENERGY EXCHANGE:  $150.

If you are looking for something other than these, discuss this with Mary Ann to see if it is available.