The Rose


The Rose

The next time you see a rose growing in a garden, stop and see if you can smell its sweetness.  Look at it with eyes to see that it truly is different from other flowers.  Did you know that the rose is the only flower that can be used successfully to make rosary beads?  And, that to make the rosary beads, the only ingredient is the rose's petals.  It is recorded that these rosary beads hold the scent of the rose for as long as 50 years! The rose has long been tied to Christ and to the Blessed Holy Mother.  Artworks depict the Blessed Holy Family in a rose garden.  Perhaps there is more held within the rose than we often realize.  Consider that today that among the therapeutic essential healing oils, the oil of the rose is one of the most precious. 

The rose -- a Holy Gift. 

What other Gifts has God given us?  Open our eyes Lord that we may see; open our hearts, Lord, that we may know; open our minds, Lord, that we may have the wisdom to understand; and, open our ears, Lord, that we may hear Your whisper in the storm of life.


Originally Published June 15, 2010