Spring Joy

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Living in a part of the country where winter hangs-on 

for what seems a very long time,

Spring is Most Welcome! 

Alas, in this particular year, 

as winter has been here, and been here, and been here,

we find ourselves thinking

that we are missing spring altogether

as summer feels all too ready to emerge.

Yet, let us not forget

that without "spring"

summer would not be here!

After the long months of winter

when the seeds of new life

were held silently within the Great Mother

covered with snow --

a time when that "life" seems so absent,

suddenly new life appears!

Just a few weeks ago,

the green leaves emerged on the trees,

blossoms burst forth,

Life Appeared!

Let us remember the Miracle of Spring.

How often do we bury

fresh, new ideas deep within

uncertain of their validity?

Do we allow them to be nurtured

 and to silently form within,

or, do we abandon them?

There are Many Forms of Spring!

Discover Yours!

Water Those Seeds of Creativity!

Nurture Those Ideas for Newness in Life!

Believe in Power that Is Beyond Understanding --

The Divine Power

Always Present


For You

For Me

For Us!


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