Golden Angels

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Golden Angels

Over these past months, I have been cared for daily by a very special angel whose name is Grace.   As I have traveled through the grief, this golden angel has come to me before I even knew that the tears were about to flow.  So when I read the following recollection by Madeleine L'Engle, all I could say was "Yes!"  I share it now with you.

". . . We are so eager to help that we rush in with our words, our hands, our touch.  Wait! Jesus told me in a dream.  Wait until you are certain that God has come into your hands before you place them on someone for healing.  It must be God's energy flowing through your hands, not your own.  Wait.  Wait. Until you are sure it is God.


My dog, Doc, a golden retriever who was an affectionate, bouncy ball of love, used to come with me to the library of the cathedral and sit quietly under my desk, controlling her friskiness, lying at my feet without restlessness until it was time for a run in the yard.

One day a young woman came into the library to ask me for prayer and for the healing of terrible pain in the bones of her jaw.  We sat, a foot or two from each other, and tried to wait until I knew that God had come into my mouth and my hands.

Doc quietly got out from under my desk, sat in front of Naomi, raised her paw, and put it gently on Naomi's knee and kept it there.  This is anything but typical behaviour for a golden.  Their love is usually ecstatically active: enthusiastic pawing for attention, wagging tail, eagerly licking  tongue with little sympathetic kisses of love.  But Doc sat there in front of Naomi, her paw steadily on Naomi's knee, without moving, quietly and steadily looking up at Naomi.  I think we slipped out of time.  I don't know how long Doc sat there before she finally dropped her paw and slid back under my desk.

There was no question in either Naomi's or my mind who had been chosen as the instrument of healing that afternoon."

A Remembrance by Madeleine L'Engle


Originally Published August 10, 2010