Crossing the Threshold With God


Crossing the Threshold With God

I close my eyes and create sanctuary,

a moment of rest and retreat,

a place of silence and deep seeing,

a brief, take-a-breath, set-apart time. 

I cross the threshold.

On the threshold

the present breaks all boundaries.

It is a convergence,

a fellowship with all time and space.

We find You there.

And we are found by You there.

"Crossing the Threshold," Being Home: A Book of Meditation by Gunilla Norris

Joyce Rupp describes this crossing,

"I go to the dwelling place of God. 

It is her light that lets me see

far beneath the surface of life. 

When I connect this inner seeing

with my outer seeing,

my world takes on a different meaning."

The Star in My Heart:  Experiencing Sophia, Inner Wisdom, by  Joyce Rupp

Excerpts from "Closing My Eyes Lightly, Not Tightly" by Nancy L. Agneberg, Presence, Sept. 2010

Originally Published August 25, 2010