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Rose of Infinite Peace, Drawing by Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee, Created in Honor of Her Children: Seth, Jonathan, and Diana

Deep Peace

With all of the happenings in the world -- abroad and here at home --

"Peace" is more and more a cherished state of being.

"Peace" begins "Within".

How can we hope for "Peace" if we cannot find "Peace" within ourselves?

Today, I challenge all of us ---

to find and maintain that "Peace".

As all things are connected in this Universe, 

One by One, We Can Bring Peace To This World. 

Let Us All —  Dedicate —  to Fostering and Maintaining

Deep Peace Within Ourselves.

One By One, Day by Day, 

We Can Bring Peace to Our Homes, Our Communities, Our World!

Posted: June 14, 2017

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Deep Peace

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Oct 8, 2015, 1:48 PM

Bliss - So Much More Than Happiness!

Master Swami Parmanand-ji Maharaj

Almost a decade ago, I was blessed to be in the presence of Swami Parmanand-ji.  There are no words to express the penetrating presence of Unconditional Love that flowed from him, penetrating, communicating.  It was a time of communication at a level far beyond verbal language.  I was in the presence of a Master.   

I requested a private session with Swami, and truly was unsure of what that even meant.  All of this was very new to me.  I had grown-up in a moderately conservative protestant faith path.  And, I was serving as a Methodist minister at the time.  

In his presence, much passed between us on an unspoken realm.  It was a sacred moment.  And, it was at this meeting that he presented me with a name, “Bhaktanand”.  I asked him what that meant.  And, Swami told me, “Bliss through devotion.”    My wife, Nancy, was also given a name in her session with him.  Her name is “Sahajanand” which means “Natural Bliss”.  

Over the years, these names have been used in different settings.  I have always held it as a sacred name, but I did not truly understand its meaning until today.

In my meditation time last evening, I heard Yogananda instruct me to begin reading his book, Revelations of Christ.  everythingI began that reading this morning, and encountered, “Bliss”.  I had assumed all of these years that “bliss” was happiness and peace.  Today, I discovered that “Bliss” is the happiness and peace that comes when we are united with the Divine on a higher level.  In that moment of realization my whole perception changed.  I realized that  is for one purpose - to bring us to Bliss!  

As I contemplated this in terms of My Work, it was such an “Aha!” moment — and in its emergence, seemed so simple and seemingly obvious.  “Everything” needs to be seen through a “new set of glasses.”   

To reinforce this, Yogananda took me through my personal numerology applying it to AstroNumerology, the work I do.  My Name:  Mary = 21 = 3.  My full birth name also equals “3”.  My Key and My Destiny are “3”.  Traditionally, that would mean one thing, but today, it means that “3” is the “key” and “my work” is devoted to “Bliss”.  Then, another, “Aha!”  And the Ruler of my Astrology Chart is Jupiter.  Jupiter is behind the “3” in numerology.    But what about my nickname, “Ann”?  It equals “11” - a Master Number.

Yogananda again spoke:  “Your mother gave you that name, “Mary Ann”,  at the time you were born, assisting you with the journey onto the path of service to others with the unbounded joy, and faith in service to Source. It is a vibration for the change that is needed.”  Oh, yes, I see!

“May I have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the wisdom to know!"

So what does this mean for me?  It means that I will now see “everything” from a different perspective.  I will be “Devoted” to hearing what  all that presents says about how we can find the Truth of Bliss in our earth-walk as a journey to Oneness with the Divine.  I will pray for the eyes, the ears, and the wisdom to know!

I realize that this is what I have been doing at one level, but now the lens has been tweaked and I see more clearly.  May it all be of great service!


Aug 18, 2015, 11:27 AM


Walking with Grief

Do not hurry

as you walk with grief;

it does not help the journey.

Walk slowly

pausing often; 

do not hurry

as you walk with grief.

Be not disturbed

by memories that 

come unbidden

Swiftly forgive;

and let Christ speak for you

unspoken words.

Unfinished conversation

will be resolved in Him.

Be not disturbed.

Be gentle

with the one 

who walks with grief.

If it is you,

be gentle with yourself.

Swiftly forgive; 

Walk slowly, 

pausing often.

Take time, be gentle

as you walk with grief.

from Northumbria Community Trust

Jul 10, 2015, 3:29 PM

Moment by Moment - One Day at a Time

I post this as a reminder for all of us, that sometimes we just need to take things moment by moment, one day at a time.  Some days are just harder than others.  I was reminded of this as I awoke this morning with a haunting dream reflecting back to the day my father passed-on, July 10, 1969.  And, yes, even after all of these years, the loss is still present.   So, I remind myself, that this I can do to shift the energy of awakening this morning, the eve of the forty-sixth year since my father departed this earthwalk.  And, I celebrate the years with him, and the presence of his spirit in my life.  Blessed Be! 

Jul 9, 2015, 11:25 AM

Sacred Space

Sacred Space

How often do we stop and recognize that the happenings of a time - a moment - are sacred?

How often do we commemorate that moment when we have profoundly felt the presence of God as a sacred moment in a sacred space?

There was a tradition in times gone by of marking a space as sacred with standing stones, so that all who passed that space again would know that at some moment in time someone else was there saying "this space is a space where I was in connection with the Divine."   

The space pictured above is such a space for me.  

Do you have such spaces in your life?

Maybe we should all revive the practice of the placing of the stones, that all may once again be reminded and perhaps become more connected with the Divine Spirit ever present in our lives!

May the Peace of the Divine Be With You!


Jul 5, 2015, 5:55 PM

Feel the Life of Your Dream

How often do we give-up on a dream?

How often do we feel that there is no chance for things to be different?

I share the following excerpt, to encourage all of us to take time to discover that which we cannot see -- that which can make all of the difference!

During what was a troubled time for me (I was about seven or eight) I visited my aunt on her small farm.  We walked together and came to a particular field.  It was winter and frost covered the land.  The ground beneath our feet was winter dark and hard. 

She looked over at me, smiled and asked me to kneel down, close my eyes, and place my hands on the earth.  I did so and she said almost in a deep whisper, "Feel the life."  I could not feel anything and told her so.  She then told me to put my ear close to the earth and whispered hoarsely again, "Listen to the life."  In response I put my head close to the earth and listened intently.  But I heard nothing.

When I got up and told her that I could neither feel nor hear "the life," she took my face between her hands and said, "… child of my heart, it is often when the land seems most barren, cold, and dark that life is quietly growing."  When she said that, I knew she was also speaking  to my inner pain and the need for hope during the winter I was experiencing at such a young age.  Then almost as an afterthought, she added as we turned to leave, "We will return again in the spring."

And when spring came, we did return.  And as we came over the hill and I ran down the hill ahead of her, I could see that new tender life was shooting up.  When she caught up with the me, I turned to her and said, "You were right.  You told me the truth!"  In reply, she said nothing, just smiled, looked into my eyes, and drew out a smile from within my soul.  

From Riding the Dragon by Robert J. Wicks

We all pass through different seasons in our journey through life.  These seasons come again and again, wearing various faces.   It is important for our well-being that we take the time on a daily basis to "read the seasons in life" and see their possibilities.   

Even in the most cold and dark times, Hope is present.


Jul 5, 2015, 5:36 PM

Be True to Who You Are!

Today is a day to remember that you are a Child of the Light.  And like the wind, that can gently and almost imperceptibly disperse the clouds so that once again the bright Light of the Sun can shine forth, you, too have that ability.

There are days when all of us are faced with opposition, no matter which way we seem to turn.  There are days when it seems that the harder we try, the worse it gets.  At such times it is important to do the following:

BE TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE.   Stop and consider what you are trying to accomplish.  Is this goal in accord with the Light?   If it is not, why are you seeking to do something that is not True to who you are?   This is a time to regroup, reconsider, and make the necessary changes in what you are seeking, so that you are once again working in the Realm of Light.  Remember, the Dark will always try to overcome the Light;  that cannot happen if we do not compromise our own principles.

BE AS GENTLE AND STRONG AS THE WIND.  Think of the wind, and how it can so seemingly gently move the clouds so that the Light can shine forth.  Sometimes, in our earth walk it is necessary to take that approach.  When the opposition is the strongest, it is important to remember that to put forth a strong aggressive energy will only further feed that energy in the other.  This is a time to focus on small things.  Quietly work to shift the small matters, and soon the larger energy will begin to shift.  Be that gentle Light Force that through the small makes profound difference. 

GIVE THANKS.  In all that you encounter, give thanks for the opportunity that it provides for you to be a Child of the Light as you permit your Light to pour forth in Love, Compassion, Gentleness, and Inner Determination.  Be gentle on the outside and strong and firm on the inside as you hold True to the Light!

Today - Be the Gentle Wind of Great Purpose.


Jul 5, 2015, 5:30 PM

Make Blessing the Center of Your Day

As you go through this day, make blessing the center of your day!

To bless means to wish, 

unconditionally and from the deepest chamber of your heart,

unrestricted good for others and events;

it means to hallow, to hold in reverence,

to behold with awe that which is always a gift from the Creator.

He who is hallowed by your blessing is set aside, 

consecrated, holy, whole.  

To bless is to invoke divine care upon, 

to speak or think gratefully for, 

to confer happiness upon,

although we ourselves are never the bestower

but simply the joyful witnesses of life's abundance.

To bless all without distinction is the ultimate form of giving,

because those you bless will never know 

from whence came the sudden ray

that burst through the clouds of their skies,

and you will rarely be witness to the sunlight in their lives.  

When something goes completely askew in your day,

when some unexpected event upsets your plans

-- and upsets you -- burst into blessing.

 . . . Trials are blessings in disguise, 

and hosts of angels follow in their path.

From The Gentle Art of Blessing by Pierre Pradervand

Jul 5, 2015, 5:21 PM

Joy in Your Presence


At a time when I least expected it,Joy came into my life.
I was surprised by joy,

and that joy 

is Sahajanand.

I was surprised by love,

and that love

is Sahajanand.

I was surprised by peace,

and that peace

is the gift of life with Sahajanand.

Lord, I thank you,

for the Gift of Love, Joy, and Peace

in Sahajanand.

Thru whatever this Universe

puts before us,

may we never forget

that all of our times are held

in the palm of Your hand,


Jul 5, 2015, 5:14 PM

Prayer of St. Francis

Prayer of St. Francis

Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace; 

Where there is hatred, let me sow love; 

Where there is injury, pardon; 

Where there is doubt, faith; 

Where there is despair, hope; 

Where there is darkness, light; 

And where there is sadness, joy. 

O Divine Master,

Grant that I may not so much seek

To be consoled as to console; 

To be understood, as to understand; 

To be loved, as to love; 

For it is in giving that we receive, 

It is in pardoning that we are pardoned, 

And it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life. 


Jul 5, 2015, 5:00 PM

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