Raven in My Life 

  “Billy Bob” Banner, My Father

In 2006 the Raven came into my life as my animal totem.  Up until that time I had no idea what a totem was.   The concept that Creator has provided others from the animal kingdom to assist us on our our journey had never been introduced to me.  But, all of that changed in 2006.  And Raven appeared.  Everywhere I went, I saw and heard the Raven.  My yard was covered every day with ravens.  As I began to acknowledge its presence, I also came to understand that it was there as a messenger for me.  

In the summer of 2006, I traveled to North Carolina to spend a month at Duke University in the Local Pastor's Course of Study for the UMC.   There were many places that I could have gone for these classes, but that year I felt called to go to Duke.  In one of my early morning meditations before leaving for North Carolina, as I centered and prayed, my Spirit Guides spoke to me, and told me that I needed to visit the part of Duke University Hospital where my father had spent has days before passing in 1969.   

The time at Duke passed quickly and on the final Sunday before leaving to return to New England, I remembered the instruction that I had been given.  After searching through early photos of the hospital, I captured the image of the building that I needed to find in the now large medical complex.   I drove around until I found that building.  It was now an oncology building, and appeared to be closed on this Sunday morning.  I decided to attempt to see it, and discovered a security guard who opened the building to me when I explained that I wanted to be in the space where my father had been.  There was nothing remarkable inside.

I wandered onto the grounds behind the building and found a small flower garden with a bench.  I sat there, and closed my eyes in prayerful meditation.  Suddenly, I was "shown" my father in his hospital room being told by a doctor that he only had a few more months to live.  My father was crying.  Then he was left alone, and he prayed to God to allow him to see his family and to take him quickly.   When my father died,that is exactly what happened.  He saw all of his family on his trip home from the hospital, and then he suddenly passed that night!  After seeing this image, I opened my eyes and a woman appeared in this deserted garden.  She smiled, and simply said, "It is interesting how things go full circle."  Then, she walked away.  I turned to see where she was going, but she had disappeared just a suddenly as she had appeared.

I got up and slowly walked to my car, reflecting on the message I had been given.  And, as I approached my car, nine ravens suddenly appeared and flew in a line in front of me. As I am a numerologist, I knew immediately that this was a message of completion.  

Whenever the Raven appears in my life, I know that it is there for me.  It is my totem to assist me in my spiritual journey.  I will hear its familiar "Caw", and I smile, and say, "Good morning, Raven!"  My life is much richer with this totem.   

If you find that an animal or bird suddenly appears in your life, it probably is there to assist you.   Take time to explore that.  Animal Speak is a great book to use as a resource for better understanding the meaning of this presence in your life.

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