Honoring Those Who Have Passed On from AIDS 

Recently, we had the opportunity to spend a week filled with peace and love in Key West, Florida.   I had never been there before, and as we explored this small island, we came upon a beautiful small beach which had been dedicated as the Key West AIDS Memorial.   The engraving above is a photo taken from part of the memorial monument.  

As we sat and watched the gentle movement of the waters, I reflected on the beautiful souls that I have known who passed-on, released from this disease.  I reflected on how disenfranchised their lives became by our society at a time when they needed love and care the most.  Souls as gentle as our first flowers of spring . . . 

I celebrate that the island of Key West has honored them with this lovely memorial and space.     

The Beach at the Key West AIDS Memorial


Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee

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