High Vibrational Healer’s Beading 

Healing with the Dolphin

Made in prayerful contemplation, this piece utilizes stones of very high vibration to assure the continuing balance and protection of an individual who works on an energetic healing level with clients:  i.e. Shamanic Healing.  It is an example of one of the most expensive pieces as this piece holds the Azeztulites, the Danburites, Gaia Stone, and many more.  Metals are Sterling Silver.  And, it carries the healing energy of the Dolphin.     It is important to remember, that one does not say - “I like that one!”  It does not work that way.  Spirit directs which stones are to be used and the order of the beading.  This is all very important for achieving the vibration that is needed.  Even a Healer may have several pieces, and is then guided which piece is best to use when working with a given Client.  

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