Feel the Life of Your Dream 

How often do we give-up on a dream?

How often do we feel that there is no chance for things to be different?

I share the following excerpt, to encourage all of us to take time to discover that which we cannot see -- that which can make all of the difference!

During what was a troubled time for me (I was about seven or eight) I visited my aunt on her small farm.  We walked together and came to a particular field.  It was winter and frost covered the land.  The ground beneath our feet was winter dark and hard. 

She looked over at me, smiled and asked me to kneel down, close my eyes, and place my hands on the earth.  I did so and she said almost in a deep whisper, "Feel the life."  I could not feel anything and told her so.  She then told me to put my ear close to the earth and whispered hoarsely again, "Listen to the life."  In response I put my head close to the earth and listened intently.  But I heard nothing.

When I got up and told her that I could neither feel nor hear "the life," she took my face between her hands and said, "… child of my heart, it is often when the land seems most barren, cold, and dark that life is quietly growing."  When she said that, I knew she was also speaking  to my inner pain and the need for hope during the winter I was experiencing at such a young age.  Then almost as an afterthought, she added as we turned to leave, "We will return again in the spring."

And when spring came, we did return.  And as we came over the hill and I ran down the hill ahead of her, I could see that new tender life was shooting up.  When she caught up with the me, I turned to her and said, "You were right.  You told me the truth!"  In reply, she said nothing, just smiled, looked into my eyes, and drew out a smile from within my soul.  

From Riding the Dragon by Robert J. Wicks

We all pass through different seasons in our journey through life.  These seasons come again and again, wearing various faces.   It is important for our well-being that we take the time on a daily basis to "read the seasons in life" and see their possibilities.   

Even in the most cold and dark times, Hope is present.


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