Deep Peace


A Healing Mandala, Rose of Infinite Peace, Created by Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee in Honor of Her Children: Seth, Jonathan, & Diana

Deep Peace

With all of the happenings in the world -- abroad and here at home --

"Peace" is more and more a cherished state of being.

"Peace" begins "Within".

How can we hope for "Peace" if we cannot find "Peace" within ourselves?

Today, I challenge all of us ---

to find and maintain that "Peace".

As all things are connected in this Universe, 

One by One, We Can Bring Peace To This World. 

Let Us All —  Dedicate —  to Fostering and Maintaining

Deep Peace Within Ourselves.

One By One, Day by Day, 

We Can Bring Peace to Our Homes, Our Communities, Our World!

Posted: June 14, 2017

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