Christ Light

As we are passing through the third day of our time of Summer Solstice, it is a time to reflect on the presence of the Light of Christ that is ever-present in our lives.   At this time  we celebrate the presence of the Sun shining brightly on our world, calling forth life in our fields of flowers, our gardens, and a multitude of new life -- the Sun that warms us after a cold winter.  We celebrate knowing that as this time passes, we enter into a lessening of that light in our world, and in only a few months this world so filled with green and vibrant colors of new life will shift its tones to browns and oranges and golds before the cold winds of winter blow once again in our now warm and light-filled world.   

In our lives we also have those seasons of the Light of Joy followed by seasons of "darkness" that sometimes leave us in brokenness.  But, even in those times the Light of the Divine is present.  

As you rejoice in the light of summer, rejoice in the Light of Christ that surrounds us and carries us, never leaving us.   See the Divine Light in all that surrounds you.

Celebrate the Light!  Celebrate the Christ!   Celebrate that you, too, are a beautiful being of Light at this time of Summer Solstice!  Greet that Light in everyone you encounter with Love, Peace, and Joy!

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