Bliss - So Much More Than Happiness! 

Master Swami Parmanand-ji Maharaj

Almost a decade ago, I was blessed to be in the presence of Swami Parmanand-ji.  There are no words to express the penetrating presence of Unconditional Love that flowed from him, penetrating, communicating.  It was a time of communication at a level far beyond verbal language.  I was in the presence of a Master.   

I requested a private session with Swami, and truly was unsure of what that even meant.  All of this was very new to me.  I had grown-up in a moderately conservative protestant faith path.  And, I was serving as a Methodist minister at the time.  

In his presence, much passed between us on an unspoken realm.  It was a sacred moment.  And, it was at this meeting that he presented me with a name, “Bhaktanand”.  I asked him what that meant.  And, Swami told me, “Bliss through devotion.”    My wife, Nancy, was also given a name in her session with him.  Her name is “Sahajanand” which means “Natural Bliss”.  

Over the years, these names have been used in different settings.  I have always held it as a sacred name, but I did not truly understand its meaning until today.

In my meditation time last evening, I heard Yogananda instruct me to begin reading his book, Revelations of Christ.  everythingI began that reading this morning, and encountered, “Bliss”.  I had assumed all of these years that “bliss” was happiness and peace.  Today, I discovered that “Bliss” is the happiness and peace that comes when we are united with the Divine on a higher level.  In that moment of realization my whole perception changed.  I realized that  is for one purpose - to bring us to Bliss!  

As I contemplated this in terms of My Work, it was such an “Aha!” moment — and in its emergence, seemed so simple and seemingly obvious.  “Everything” needs to be seen through a “new set of glasses.”   

To reinforce this, Yogananda took me through my personal numerology applying it to AstroNumerology, the work I do.  My Name:  Mary = 21 = 3.  My full birth name also equals “3”.  My Key and My Destiny are “3”.  Traditionally, that would mean one thing, but today, it means that “3” is the “key” and “my work” is devoted to “Bliss”.  Then, another, “Aha!”  And the Ruler of my Astrology Chart is Jupiter.  Jupiter is behind the “3” in numerology.    But what about my nickname, “Ann”?  It equals “11” - a Master Number.

Yogananda again spoke:  “Your mother gave you that name, “Mary Ann”,  at the time you were born, assisting you with the journey onto the path of service to others with the unbounded joy, and faith in service to Source. It is a vibration for the change that is needed.”  Oh, yes, I see!

“May I have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the wisdom to know!"

So what does this mean for me?  It means that I will now see “everything” from a different perspective.  I will be “Devoted” to hearing what  all that presents says about how we can find the Truth of Bliss in our earth-walk as a journey to Oneness with the Divine.  I will pray for the eyes, the ears, and the wisdom to know!

I realize that this is what I have been doing at one level, but now the lens has been tweaked and I see more clearly.  May it all be of great service!


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