Be True to Who You Are! 

Today is a day to remember that you are a Child of the Light.  And like the wind, that can gently and almost imperceptibly disperse the clouds so that once again the bright Light of the Sun can shine forth, you, too have that ability.

There are days when all of us are faced with opposition, no matter which way we seem to turn.  There are days when it seems that the harder we try, the worse it gets.  At such times it is important to do the following:

BE TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE.   Stop and consider what you are trying to accomplish.  Is this goal in accord with the Light?   If it is not, why are you seeking to do something that is not True to who you are?   This is a time to regroup, reconsider, and make the necessary changes in what you are seeking, so that you are once again working in the Realm of Light.  Remember, the Dark will always try to overcome the Light;  that cannot happen if we do not compromise our own principles.

BE AS GENTLE AND STRONG AS THE WIND.  Think of the wind, and how it can so seemingly gently move the clouds so that the Light can shine forth.  Sometimes, in our earth walk it is necessary to take that approach.  When the opposition is the strongest, it is important to remember that to put forth a strong aggressive energy will only further feed that energy in the other.  This is a time to focus on small things.  Quietly work to shift the small matters, and soon the larger energy will begin to shift.  Be that gentle Light Force that through the small makes profound difference. 

GIVE THANKS.  In all that you encounter, give thanks for the opportunity that it provides for you to be a Child of the Light as you permit your Light to pour forth in Love, Compassion, Gentleness, and Inner Determination.  Be gentle on the outside and strong and firm on the inside as you hold True to the Light!

Today - Be the Gentle Wind of Great Purpose.


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