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Consider this day,  "To what is your energy directed?"  Is there a real simplicity in your life? 

It has been said, ". . . "simplicity is an uprightness of soul which prevents self-consciousness.   It is not the same as sincerity . . . Many people are sincere who are not simple. . . Real simplicity lies in a juste milieu, equally free from thoughtlessness and affectation, in which the soul is not overwhelmed by externals so as to be unable to reflect . . .   That soul which looks where it is going, without losing time arguing over every step, or looking back perpetually, possesses true simplicity.   . . .   The great thing  is to resign all your interests and pleasures and comfort and fame to God.  He who unreservedly accepts whatever God may give him in this world--humiliation, trouble, and trial from within or from without--has made a great step towards self-victory; he will not dread praise or censure, he will not be sensitive;  or if he finds himself wincing, he will deal  so cavalierly with his sensitiveness that it will soon die away.  Such full resignation and unfeigned acquiescence is true liberty, and hence arises perfect simplicity.  Blessed indeed are they who are no longer their own, but have given themselves wholly to God."*

The seed that is to grow

must lose itself as seed;

And they that creep

may graduate through

chrysalis to wings.

Wilt thou then, O mortal,

cling to husks which

falsely seem to you

the self?**

*Excerpt  by Francois Fenelon, 1651-1715, French Archbishop of Cambray.

**Wu Ming Fu, Chinese poet, philosopher. Patterns in Jade. 

From The Choice is Always Ours:  An Anthology of the Religious Way, Edited by Dorothy Berkley Phillips

© Rev.Mary Ann Tourjee 2019