Simple Blessings


Simple Blessings

How often do you remember

that you are made

"in the image of God" -- that God is within you?  

How often do you consider what that really means?

How does the space in which you live

reflect that God IS here? 

Are you weighed-down by what is around you,

or are you uplifted?

Can you soar like the eagle? 

Today is a good time

to get rid of the clutter, dust those corners, 

set-up an altar, 

and do what you need to do 

to make your primary living space 

one in which you can truly be One With God.

A little bit can go a long way.  

Begin with the area that is nearest and dearest to you, 

and the rest will follow.


The Christ in Me Greets the Christ in You!

© Rev.Mary Ann Tourjee 2019