Sacred Beading by Mary Ann

"The use of Prayer Beads is not a practice recently invented or introduced, but is archetypal in nature, and common in every great faith tradition. . . . Although the number, grouping and material of the beads vary from tradition to tradition, many of the ideas they embody are universal.  In whichever faith they are used, the very act of pausing on a bead brings you back to the centre of where you are and who you are.”From Beads of Faith: Pathways to Meditation and Spirituality Using Rosaries, Prayer Beads, and Sacred  Words 

The following are samples of work by Ordained Interfaith Minister, Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee. All are created while centered in a prayerful state, guided by Spirit.  Pieces may be created specifically for an individual in its stone selection and layout.  If you are interested in giving the gift of a unique, hand-made rosary, mala, or special energy piece to someone dear to you, contact Rev. Tourjee for details.  Looking for a beginning rosary for young children?  Yes, we have one in large beads in primary colors for the very young!   Contact by Email: or Call: 413-446-0159.

Blessed Mother Rose Rosary

Mala for 12 Step Programs

Traditional 5 Decade Rosary

Quartz Rosary

Holy Spirit Rosary

Triple Goddess Chaplet

Sterling Silver Rosary for Men

Traditional Sterling Silver Rosary

Traditional Birthstone Rosary

Presenting Rosaries Made By The Mission Rosary Project

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