Resting With God


We have a small statue 

of an angel peacefully sleeping 

with her arms wrapped around a large stone. 

I often sit and consider the message of that simple image. 

How often do we see images of angels resting? 

As we consider what society teaches us about being in service to the Lord, 

more often than not it is about doing, doing, doing.  

I am not suggesting that we should not be in service.  

However, if we are to be fit and strong spiritually, 

we must make resting with God a high priority in our lives.  

This is the Sabbath message, and one that the world chooses to ignore.  

There are times when we need to march to the beat of a different drummer.  

May that drummer be the image of the angel peacefully resting.  

With intention all of us need to make keeping the Sabbath -- that time of resting with God -- a written in stone priority of every week of our lives.  

If we do this we will find that indeed we are filled and renewed and ready to face whatever we must in our work of the coming week -- and, we will find within ourselves a heart filled with love, peace, and joy for that work. 

Love yourself enough to rest with the Lord! 

© Rev.Mary Ann Tourjee 2019