Remembering Sacred Space


 Pictured above is a space, a sacred space, because it is here that the Divine spoke to me on many occasions.  It was here, on an autumn day in 2006, that I came seeking verification from the Lord that the many transformations and changes in my life that were happening were valid - that, indeed, I was being called to serve in ways that I had never imagined.  

It was a breaking-point moment, and with greatest need, I asked for a confirmation; I asked to see a deer as confirmation.  I had barely uttered this request when a deer appeared on the small island across the river's waters.   In all the many days and hours that I have sat in this space, before and after,  this is the one and only time that a deer has been present there.   

In that moment, the space became sacred.   

A couple of years later, as I sat in this space in deep meditation, I was pulled into the energy of the tree pictured here.   Through that tree I became connected to the energy of the Divine Mother.  That energy transported me to an etheric chamber where the Grandmothers were gathered in circle.  I was embraced in their Love, and told that they would be present with Nancy and me in the work that we do.   

Sacred space - that place where at least one has encountered Divine Source.   

In Celtic tradition, stones were set to mark the space so that all would know that this is a sacred space.  What a wonderful tradition!  Tonight, I mark this space as sacred.   May you celebrate the sacred spaces in your life!


Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee

© Rev.Mary Ann Tourjee 2019