Rainy Days

Healing Heart Rosary 003.jpg

Creating a Rosary on a Rainy Day - 

Rosary by Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee

There is a song from the seventies that says,

"Rainy days and Mondays always get me down". 

As I hear the rain falling and see the dull light of this rainy Wednesday, the words to that song come to mind.  And, yet, a rainy day does not have to "get me down".

If I did not have to go to work, what a perfect day it would be for settling into a comfortable share with a blanket and spending the day reading and contemplating the wonders of God;  or, it would be a great day to pull-out the paints and paint - allowing that activity to be a time of communion with Divine.  Or, it could be a time for deep centering meditation.

Rainy days are a gift.

And, even as I prepare to go to work, I am thankful that the falling rain has reminded me that perhaps God is calling me to take a part of my life today to be in closer communion.  

Lord, I thank you for rainy days!


© Rev.Mary Ann Tourjee 2019