Prayer of the Spiritual Astrologer


Astrological Wheel by Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee

Prayer of the Spiritual Astrologer

Oh, Eternal Light, transcending all our thoughts, 

Wider than all boundaries of being, 

Full of Glory, Wisdom, and Bliss:

Help us by Thy Holy Spirit to understand

that we are living in Thee.

Guide us by Thy glorious compassion,

in our efforts for those that Thou sendest in our path.

Reveal to us Thy will for them,

so that their footsteps may be guided to Thee.

Sanctify our communion with Thee 

so that in our search for Thy laws, 

our motives may be pure and selfless.

Help us to transcend the consciousness of the Earth

and gain illumination from Thy Divine Realms.

As in Thy Presence we lose all sense of separateness

and find ourselves at Oneness with Thee;

So may those moments come to us in our studies

that in some small measure we may convey in our work

the nearness of Thy Presence to Thy children.

Bless them and pour upon them

the continual dew of Thy Love.

A.G.S. Norris, Spiritual Astrologer

© Rev.Mary Ann Tourjee 2019