Power of the Dinvine Within

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The Light Overcomes the Darkness

The Power of the Divine Within - The "I AM"

By Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee

"Imagine there’s no Heaven. 

It’s easy if you try. 

No Hell below us. 

Above us only sky."

"Love, Love, Love. All you need is Love."

The Beatles

God - Divine Source - is Love. 

Jesus tells us that of the commands “the greatest of these is Love”. 

Love is within each of us. 

Love is the Energy of God Within Us!

God said, “I AM that I AM”. 

God is saying "I AM" "I AM".

How often do each of us say “I AM”?

Imagine every time that each of us says “I AM ….” we are invoking the Energy of God - Divine Source Energy - to accomplish whatever we have said with those words, "I AM."

If we say “I AM so sick and tired of ….” then we are directing that All-Powerful-Divine-Energy to bring that forth in our lives and the life of others. 

If we say “I AM in well-being and can see this situation as being better” 

then that is what we call forth.

Imagine - how different life and the world will be 

if each time we speak or think “I AM” it carries the vibration of LOVE and PEACE. 

Remember, Jesus told us our thoughts are as powerful as our actions.

Here is a Challenge for Each of Us: 

To Have "the Ears to Hear What We Say and What We Think" 

especially with the words “I AM”; 

To Have the "Eyes to See the Product of Our Words and Thoughts"; 

To Have "the Wisdom to Know" and the "Courage to Follow" 

a Path that Prays Without Ceasing for Love, Peace, and Well-Being for All. 

May Light Overcome Darkness!

© Rev.Mary Ann Tourjee 2019