Power Beads by Mary Ann

Beading for Prayer, Power, Protection:  In Prayer and Meditation, Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee follows the guidance of Spirit in designing and constructing a Sacred Beading Creation - unique and made to connect with the individual’s vibration - bead-by-bead to the person.  All is done for the overall balance, psychic protection, and overall well-being of the person.  If you would like a piece for yourself or for someone else, contact Rev. Mary Ann and she will be happy to discuss this with you.  Vibrational pieces always predominantly include semi-precious gemstones.  

Pricing varies, depending on material costs, and the design of the piece.  All is determined in advance for the prior approval of the individual.  Contact Rev. Mary Ann:  413-446-0159 / Email: MyReikiShaman@gmail.com .

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