Namaste! To Love


Have you ever considered how easy it is to love some, 

and how impossible it seems to love others?  

And, yet, we are called to 

"Love our neighbors as ourselves," without exception. 

Somewhere deep within each and every one of us

 the Divine is present. 

Many times that Divine energy 

is totally obscured by human choices - 

choices that are not a reflection of the Divine.

If we can hold in faith 

that somewhere deep within

the Divine does reside - waiting, 

even in the most unlovable - 

then, we can have the eyes to see

that there really is something to love

even in the most unlovable.

That Divine presence is who we are meant to be!

When we are called to love our neighbor, 

we are called to love the Divine within our neighbor. 

If we can do this, even with the most unlovable, 

then we give fuel to that Divine Fire within the other.  

As that Divine Fire is given Breath upon which to grow, 

that Fire can grow and become 

the energy to change the other.  

We may or may not see 

that change in our this earth walk.  

It is not always ours to see.  

Ultimately, we can only be responsible for ourselves.  

We can only bring about change by changing ourselves.   

And what is that change that is needed?

To be one with God in all aspects of our lives.  

A first step can be to "Love our neighbor.”  

Saint Pio (Padre Pio) gave this advise 

for those times when to love our neighbor 

seems impossible:

"Treat your neighbor well and don't get angry.  

When necessary, say these words of the divine Master: 

'I love my neighbors, oh, Eternal Father, 

because You love them, 

and You gave them to me as brothers and sisters, 

and You want me to love them as you do."  

Quote from Listening to God with Padre Pio

© Rev.Mary Ann Tourjee 2019