Love:  Power In the Word



In my prayer time this morning, 

Spirit told me to share the following for personal healing and the healing of our world.   

One by one we can become a Web of the Light of Love, creating a Universal Vibration of Love Throughout the World!  The written word, LOVE, is powerful!   In whatever direction the word is facing, its vibration is projected into that field of energy.


Use this image to send the vibration of LOVE into everything!   

Place the word, “LOVE”, onto the bottom or side of a clear drinking glass so  that the word faces the inside of the glass (or a drinking bottle).  Fill it with water.  Water is liquid Light!   It will absorb the vibration of the “LOVE” being directed to it.  Our bodies are mostly water.  As the water infused with LOVE enters our body, our bodily fluids will transform into the vibration of LOVE for ultimate well-being.

Bring the vibration of LOVE into the world.  Write LOVE on a stone – leave the stone as a gift for whoever finds it!  They will receive the vibration of LOVE sent through the written word.  Place a stone in running water, shifting the vibration of the water to a higher vibration of LOVE!  If you are swimming, focus the vibration of love into the lake or ocean.  Just think, if all of us do this how powerful this will be!  If our waters absorb this vibration, that can travel all over the world! “LOVE”!  LET THE CHRIST LIGHT  SHINE THROUGH!   

In my morning prayers, I was clearly told that we have the power to shift the hatred that is rampant in our world by projecting LOVE. 

With your finger, write the word LOVE backward onto your body, sending that vibration into your body.  Or simply hold the printed word against your skin with LOVE facing into your body.  Drink water infused with LOVE!    Spread the word!  Put water into a glass pitcher, and tape the word LOVE onto the pitcher.  Be sure it is FACING THE WATER.  Then everyone who drinks that water will receive the vibration of LOVE!  Yes, put it on your iced tea – your lemonade!  

Blessed Be!

See the amazing impact of WORDS on Water – shown through its crystallization! 

© Rev.Mary Ann Tourjee 2019