Let It Be

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Wedding Day for Mom & Dad

Let It Be 

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3 Men In An Empty Church Cover Beatles Hit Song.

This Rendition Is Like Nothing I’ve Seen Before

Let It Be:  View the Video Presentation


As I viewed the above presentation of "Let It Be" and it was shared that "Mother Mary" was actually the appearance of Paul's deceased mother who was named Mary, I remembered the appearance of my deceased father, Billy Bob, at a time when I was overcome with grief.  I was in graduate school and received an unexpected phone call, telling me that my paternal grandfather had passed.  That death seemed to also unleash volumes of unexpressed grief around the death of my father when I was 14, and then some eight years later the death of my grandfather.   

It was a dark time for me.  I was alone, and could not seem to bring the sorrow under control.   Then late one night "father, Billy Bob, came to me".  In my case, he appeared during my "sleep-time", but I knew it was NOT a dream.  I heard a voice tell me in the Spirit Realm that I was to drive to a cabin, deep in a wooded area.  I was told I had been given a limited amount of time to be with my father, and I must not delay.  I "saw" myself get into my car and drive to the location (a place I had never been).  I watched as I parked in front of this cabin, and my father, dressed in his work khakis, came out onto the porch.  I was overjoyed to see him.  I hugged him, and he began chatting with me.  There was no indication of awareness that he had passed!  I was disturbed and debated within myself if I should tell him.  Somehow I knew it would ruin the moment if I did.  Then, he told me to come into the cabin with him.  I watched myself go in, and then the door closed.  

I do not know what "words of wisdom" he spoke to me that night, but I do know that when I awoke in the morning, I KNEW I had really been with my father, and, I was in a state of deep peace.  All anxiety, sorrow, and grief was gone.

Yes, in a time of darkness, my father came to me.

I did not doubt its reality then.

I do not doubt it now.

Since that time, I have shared this story with others, and many have thanked me, as they also shared their own stories of visits by loved ones.   

The next time you listen to "Let It Be" remember that this is Paul sharing the time that his mother came to him.  If you have a loved one come to assist you in a time of darkness, may it bring you peace as well.

Blessed Be!

© Rev.Mary Ann Tourjee 2019