Knowing El’s Love and Forgiveness


The Rose by Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee

“El” is another name for God.  It reflects the Divine Source without gender.  It holds the image of God as reflecting All."

Christ Jesus -- wholly man and wholly God

loving us!

From Bright Star, Evening Star by Madeleine L’Engle:  (As she reflected on reading stories from the Bible to her children):

"Today I would read to them from Eugene Peterson's The Message.  In his version of John's Gospel I was startled to read of Jesus' appearance to the disciples after the Resurrection.  He blesses them with his peace. Then he tells them that when they forgive people's sins they are gone forever.  And then, instead of the familiar, 'Whosoever sins you retain on earth, they are retained in heaven,' which has always bothered me, 

Eugene Peterson's version says, 'If you don't forgive the sins, what will you do with them?'

    I had the opportunity to ask, 'Gene, how do you justify that?'

    He replied, 'The Greek can go either way.  I chose that way.'

    Thank you, Gene!

    Thank you, Jesus, for your unlimited forgiveness!"

I share this excerpt as an example of the difference that choice of interpretation can make on our often fragile state of being.  

God's Unconditional Love and Unlimited Forgiveness is El's great Gift to us! 

Remember:  God does not change.  But interpretations of the Word of God -- translations of God's Word -- do change.  If you are not uplifted as a beautiful Child of Light in that translation, know that it is not speaking from the Heart of God -- a Heart of Unconditional Love and Unlimited Forgiveness. 

All Bibles are not the same.  Choose wisely, and know that if what you read does not ring true to the unchanging Heart of God, then you need to seek a different translation. 

Always remember:  You are created in the image of God -- male and female.  You are a beautiful Child of God,   and the angels cry out as you walk down the street, "Make way, make way, for this Child of Light!"

© Rev.Mary Ann Tourjee 2019