I AM and that I AM God

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Made in the image of God.

God within,

God without.

God, what is your name?  I AM that I AM.

Have you ever considered that in all of the words in our language, the word "I" is the only one that is capitalized --   god vs God -- "i" vs "I". . . (in the everyday ordinary words -- not the proper names).

God without, God within;

Made in the image of God!

And the angels cried out -

"Make way, make way!

Here comes one made as God!

If we can hold onto that reality in life, how different we might be! 

Do we dare walk down the street as we were created?

Do we dare walk the path that lets the world see we are made in God's image .... that any who see us will know that an aspect of God is present? 

We are a part of the "I" in the great "I AM"!

God calls us to become that "I" fully!

May we remember who we are!

© Rev.Mary Ann Tourjee 2019