Honoring Who You Truly Are



For those who are struggling with who you are and why you are here;  for those struggling with rejection by family  -   I share the following quote:


"I’m not going to tell you to stop being sad. You need to honor your feelings, to be honest about how this world hurts - and to let yourself feel it. .  . . .

Know this. You are worth living for. You are a highly evolved person born in a primitive time and place. This world is not yet ready for us, but we are here already. Know that you are special, and normal, and that you know who you are better than anyone could ever tell you to be.

Your reality is powerful, and meaningful. It may seem like life is this series of painful moments, captures of experience you have been denied. Please know that this is not the nature of life. . . .

It is not fair. But you have the chance to defy the fear in the hearts of those who oppose you. Life is not easy, but it is amazing, and beautiful. The beauty of life is realized not in spite of its hardships, but because of them, and through them. We learn the meaning of peace and joy through sorrow and pain. Your light is in your hands, don’t put it out.

Protect yourself. Practice self-care. Nurture the soul that your family cannot. There will come a day when you may choose to come-out to them, but it need not be today. Be gentle on yourself. Try to move forward through this time knowing you are on a mission. A mission to become the person you know yourself to be. To find your space in this world, and fill it.  . . .

By Diana Tourjee, 2012

© Rev.Mary Ann Tourjee 2019