Heartbeat of the Drum


The Drum

A Full Moon Drum Circle can be a most profound experience.  A circle of women, and occasionally a few men, gather - called by Spirit to be part of this journey.  No two drum circles are ever the same, for as the drumming begins, the drums take-on a beat of their own.  As we travel through the Four Directions, the intensity rises and falls, cleansing and healing the brokenness of both the drummer and the world.   Those present often reflect on how the numbers of those gathered increases during the journey, and many "see" the Grandmothers, the Elders, and others present with us as we drum.  Indeed, our small circle becomes a very full room.   And, as that happens, it is no longer the beat of the drum;  now it is heartbeat of a greater Source.   And, we know that this heartbeat is felt throughout the Universe.

The Drum Circle is a most profound, humbling, and healing experience.  

As we depart, we look up into the night sky, 

and see Her shining Her Light upon all.  

And we know that in this moment of time, 

the heartbeat has become One.

© Rev.Mary Ann Tourjee 2019