Hearing the Divine


Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee

I grew-up regularly attending church.  Most often Sundays began with Sunday School, followed by the Worship Service.  Our small town had a wide selection of churches.  These included: the United Methodist Church (where my family attended), the Episcopal Church (where my best friend’s family attended), the Church of God (where another good friend attended), the three Baptist Churches of various focus, the Presbyterian Church, the Christian Church . . .  I knew people in all of these churches — I went to school with them.  And, at one point or another, I attended all of them.  And in the summer, I attended a week-long Methodist Church Camp and also a week-long Episcopal Church Camp with my best friend.  

I share this, because I want you to understand that I was exposed to many forms of traditional worship.  And while Prayer was a part of all of those churches, I never heard anyone suggest that we needed to be silent and wait to hear God speak to us.  

It was not until I was an adult and a mother, attending Camp Aldersgate in Rhode Island, that I experienced “hearing the Divine speak to me”!  

And, it changed my life!  

I share this Poem with you:

"As my prayer became more attentive and inward

I had less and less to say:

I finally became completely silent. 

I started to listen--which is even further removed from speaking.

I then learnt that praying is hearing,

not merely being silent.

This is how it is.

To pray does not mean to listen to oneself speaking.

Prayer involves becoming silent,

and being silent,

and waiting until God is heard."

--A Poem by Soren Kierkegaard

How is it with you?

Make “hearing God” a part of your prayer life!

© Rev.Mary Ann Tourjee 2019