From the Sea


In the distant past, . . . 

humanity saw the dolphins as magical and unfathomable creatures 

who stirred new thoughts, new sensitivities, and even new relations with God. 


It is in the eye of the dolphin 

that we see the understanding gaze of creatures 

who are not separated from life or from each other. . . . 

a being who is not separated from its own true nature.


I heard the story of a little girl 

who had been born with a very serious condition: 

the plates in her skull were fused, unable to expand and grow.  

This condition usually results in early death. 

Her parents after finding nothing else that would help,

tried Dolphin Assisted Therapy.  

Videotape of the sessions showed four dolphins doing the work.  

Two would position themselves on  each side of her neck, 

another one behind her aimed at her lower skull, 

one would position herself under her, aimed up at her spine.  

They flooded her with sound, pouring wave after wave into her, 

the water buzzing with the disappearing clicks and whines  of ultrasound.   


Well, her father climbed  on stage with her in his arms.  

When we all clapped 

she looked up at her father, laughed, and clapped back at us.  

The plates in her skull  had unfused and were growing normally.


Dolphins and Whales delight our sense of play, 

they deepen our meditations, and they light our sense of holiness.    

. . . That first penetrating look into the eye of a dolphin or whale 

creates an explosion inside the human mind.  

One feels that a portal has just opened up in space and time.  

---- Excerpts from  Souls in the Sea: Dolphins, Whales, and Human Destiny by Scott Taylor

© Rev.Mary Ann Tourjee 2019