Dowsing with Nancy

Dowsing is a skill for tapping into your intuitive abilities to obtain information that you cannot get rationally. It is a natural skill that is learned at an individual pace.

Dowsing is not a psychic power that you are born with. You can learn this powerful skill and with practice, transform your life. Just about anyone can learn dowsing, but it does require training to become good at it. It is important to be properly trained since you will be tapping into the world of spirit energy which contains both light and dark energy. It is not good to unwittingly tap into the dark!! Most of us have untapped intuitive potential and dowsing is the best way to release this power and reap its benefits in daily living.

Some of the tools used in dowsing include pendulums, L-rods, bobbers, Y-rods…or at times, no tool at all!!

Rev. Nancy is a Master Dowser with more than 35 years of experience in the field. Classes are offered at all levels from Beginner to Advanced and beyond to Advanced Dowsing for Health. Classes are scheduled on a rotating basis. If you are seeking a class, but none is offered, please email the Temple and let us know of your interest.

Pendulums are available for purchase or bring along your own.



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