Classes at the Spiritual Healing Temple

A Little Something for Everyone

We offer a wide variety of classes.  If you see a class you are interested in taking, please let us know.  If at least three people are interested, we will try to offer the class at a time when you can attend!  

Pendulum Healing Classes – Multi-Levels    

Learn More about Pendulum Healing and Dowsing





Dowsing Classes – Multi-Levels



Reiki Certification Classes:  Level I through Master!

If you are interested in our Reiki Classes, please contact us for more information about our upcoming schedule.  If you have at least three interested in a class, we will be happy to schedule a class for your group.     Learn More About Our Reiki Certification Classes.

Psychic Protection Classes with Nancy

Spiritual Healing and Energy Work are not a substitute for traditional medical care.  If you have a serious health issue, please see a doctor or other appropriate medical professional, and make non-traditional healing a supportive part of a complete health care program.

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If you have a group of at least three people who are interested in a class, tell us and we will coordinate a time to provide the class for you! 


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