Forgive and Release

Forgiveness allows one to free the soul first and later work with others in this blueprinting process. It works at the DNA level to release cell memory stored in the body from the past.

This simple technique is called Forgive and Release.  

Step I:  Take several pieces of paper (yellow legal pads work very well), this process is fifty times more powerful than thoughts and words could ever be, because it is written. 

Your first list will be titled "Master List," and will be numbered one to ten.

Master List

Without giving much thought, quickly write anyone's name who comes to mind that you need to forgive.

Do not analyze, do not block or do not deny any name that comes up. Just write them on your list as quickly as you can. If you didn't add your parents, you are lying to yourself. Your spouse and children must be added as well.

After you have completed your list of ten people, you have a Master list to start with and on the next sheet of paper you will begin:

Step II:  Write, " I forgive and release my mother for ..." (Whatever hurts or pains you are still carrying today and are projecting toward your mother for causing.) Write it down, and don't spare any feelings! This may amount to a paragraph…or several pages depending upon what you are able to allow to come forward for release at this time.

Step III: Write, " I forgive and release myself for ... " (For how you felt about the painful situation.)  Write it down. It is not complete until you have completed both steps. Step II is as important as 

Step IV — Check your List in Step I.  If for some reason, you don't list your mother and your father, you are not being honest with yourself. We all carry resentments from childhood, and the inner child needs this healing, even if your parents are deceased. Please do your spiritual homework.

The greatest resource known for healing this inner child and the adult self is the writing of Forgives and Releases. Every argument or disagreement you have with another has to do with the wounded child with you.

Step V:  Take the sheet(s) of paper that you are writing your forgives and releases on out of the pad and in a prayerful manner, burn it.  The power of your mind transmuted the energy to the paper…and now, the fire will purify and release it to Spirit.  Writing forgives and releases is a sure way to heal.  ( If burning is not feasible for you…then you may tear the pages into tiny pieces and put them into a river or stream or/ bury them in  Mother Earth.)

Understanding the energy release when writing something down is very powerful. As we think a thought, we have a chance at that point to cancel that thought and not make it a part of our consciousness. Once we speak it into the world, we have increased its power tenfold.  It takes a great deal of extra effort to stop a thought once it has been spoken. This is why gossip is so difficult to stop.  

The energy of the written word is fifty times more powerful than  your thoughts. Writing impresses the message on the consciousness and the unconsciousness, releasing the  imprint in the brain cells and  energy in the emotional intelligence of the body as well.

Step VI:  Allow time each day ( 30 minutes to an hour) to go through the Steps and then sit quietly and meditate on what you have written. 

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