The BioMat is used as a part of all Shamanic Reiki Healing Sessions at the Center.  Additionally, it is available for individual use by appointment.  Typically, a BioMat session is 45 - 60 minutes — never more than one hour.  During this time, the individual usually is in a very relaxed state of being, lying upon the mat, and listening to peaceful music.  The BioMat does the work. 

The BioMat is a tool for well-being that utilizes the vibrational energy of amethyst, negative ions, and far-infrared rays for the balancing the body for ultimate well-being.  It is a technology that has been used extensively in Japan and Korea;  and it is recognized as an approved medical tool by the FDA.  The following links will explain more:

BioMat Technology:  How Does It Work?

Testimonials About the BioMat

Watch the Amethyst BioMat Video

BioMat Sessions are By Appointment.  Session:  30 - 60 Minutes.  Cost: $45.

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