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Healing Room at the Spiritual Healing Temple

Spiritual Healing and Energy Work are not a substitute for traditional medical care.  If you have a serious health issue, please see a doctor or other appropriate medical professional, and make non-traditional healing a supportive part of a complete health care program.

Appointments for Well-Being:

Services are provided by appointment.   Distance Work is available for those who live outside of the immediate area.  The following is a listing of typical services provided.  Please ask if you are seeking services beyond these as it may be available.  Please contact us for more information:  

Balancing & Clearing Energy Fields for Well-Being:  Sessions may include clearing with the Tibetan Bowl & Crystals, Shamanic Breath Work; Pendulum Healing; Past Life Regression; and a brief life reading using astrology, numerology, and/or the I Ching.  Note: As there is more advance work required for the first appointment, the cost is higher for that appointment.  Please contact us for details and to schedule an appointment.  

Intuitive & Psychic Readings by Nancy.

Pendulum Healing with Nancy.

Astrology Readings by Mary Ann.  



Telephone:  Nancy: 413-512-0865;  Mary Ann: 413-446-0159.


A Sample of Classes We Have Held:

Pendulum Healing Classes — Multi-Levels.

Dowsing Classes

Psychic Protection Classes

And More!  Contact Nancy for more information.


Class:  Creating Mandalas with Mary Ann Tourjee.  If you are interested in classes like this, contact Mary Ann.

Class:  Introduction to Numerology with Mary Ann.

Sacred Beading by Mary Ann.  By Order, Mary Ann creates necklaces, rosaries, chaplets, prayer beads, and more for the client.  Pieces are unique and made with predominantly semi-precious gemstones.  They are designed intuitively to meet the energetic needs of the client as requested.  Cost varies.  


BioMat Sessions:  Up to One Hour On the BioMat.

A Session on the Biomat is By Appointment. 

This is a deeply relaxing time when the Client lies on the heated Mat that is filled with Amethyst, and experiences the far infrared rays.  The BioMat is recognized medically for its healing properties.


Certified Reiki Classes — All Levels Classes are taught by Reiki Master Teacher Nancy Higgins.  For more information, contact Nancy.

Learn more about Reiki!

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Nancy:  413-512-0865;  Mary Ann 413-446-0159


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