Appointments for Well-Being

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Services are provided by appointment. Distance Work is available for those who live outside of the immediate area. The following is a listing of typical services provided. Please ask if you are seeking services beyond these as it may be available. Please contact us for more information: 413-512-0865 Email:

Services By Appointment

Information about our Spiritual Healing Appointments is provided below.

Private Space for Meeting with Our Clients
Initial Appointments begin with Conversation.

Initial Appointment

The First Appointment with Nancy & Mary Ann

Initial Appointment: Every appointment begins with a Clearing with the Tibetan Bowl and Conversation. Through conversation, we explore why you are here, and insights and questions centered on the study of the Natal Chart which Mary Ann prepared prior to the appointment. Simultaneously, Nancy will be doing some basic pendulum healing work, and providing intuitive guidance, as appropriate.

The Conversation often centers on deeply rooted pains from early childhood, often involving one or both parents, which need to be healed; and this always involves the work of forgiving of others and the forgiveness of self, and releasing that energy.

As Time Allows: the Initial Appointment may include Table Work, i.e. Clearing & Balancing, Deep Pendulum Healing, and Shamanic Breath Work.


Subsequent Appointments

Appointments after your Initial Appointment

All Appointments begin with a Clearing with Toning of the Tibetan Bowl.   In a Subsequent Appointment, this is followed by Brief Conversation with Nancy & Mary Ann, which is basically a “Check-In” on how you have been since the Initial / Last Appointment.  

Conversation is followed by Table Work with Nancy and Mary Ann.  Often the Table Work includes:  Pendulum Healing, Energy Balancing with the Tibetan / Crystal Bowls / Crystals, Shamanic Breath, and, sometimes, Past Life Regression.  Following Spirit Guidance, the work goes where it needs to go to assist in your achieving well-being.   

Generally, Subsequent Appointments are recommended.  

Time:  1 Hour;  1 1/2 Hours Maximum.

The Healing Table with BioMat
The Healing Room


Experience up to an hour of relaxation on the BioMat! How It Works!  Make an appointment today!

A BioMat filled with Amethyst
Amethyst Filled BioMat