About Us


Dedicated to Maintaining Peace & Harmony Within

About The Spiritual Healing Temple:  A Ministry

Recognizing that the Body is the Temple of the Soul, as Interfaith Ministers, we are dedicated to assisting others in their spiritual journey for well-being.  This journey began for each of us as a “calling” many years ago.   In 2007, we committed to embarking on this path with others, knowing that opportunities for conversation and gentle guidance can often be the first steps in finding deep peace within.   

Nancy and Mary Ann are ordained Interfaith Ministers.  As Interfaith Ministers, we honor all Faith Paths of the Light.  Each of us successfully completed our Interfaith Ministry Studies through the New Seminary in New York City.  Our Ordination Ceremonies were held in 2009.  


Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee & Rev. Nancy Higgins after Ordination, 2009.