Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee & Rev. Nancy A. Higgins 

are Ordained Interfaith Ministers.


Rev.Mary Ann & Rev. Nancy after Ordination as Interfaith Ministers, 2009, NYC

What is Interfaith?  Honoring All Faith Paths of Divine Light.  

We believe that the Divine Source is known by many names in many faith paths.  Our foundation is Christian.  We are both United Methodists.  We honor and support Diversity.  We honor and support the LGBTQ Community.  We believe that we are all on a Soul Journey, and that this is but one of our many life journeys.  

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Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee is an Astrologer and Numerologist; she is a former United Methodist Pastor. 

For More Information, Visit: AstrologyByMaryAnn.com

Rev. Nancy A. Higgins is also a Spiritualist Minister, a Reiki Master, a Shaman, and Energetic Healer. 

For More Information, Visit: QuantumPendulumHealing.com 

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Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee   

Email:   RevTourjee@outlook.com    (preferred initial contact method)

Telephone:  413-446-0159

Rev. Nancy Higgins

Email:  RevHiggins@outlook.com

Telephone:  413-446-6174

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