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About The Spiritual Healing Temple

The spiritual Healing Temple was founded in 2007 by Rev. Nancy Higgins and Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee.  

In its beginning it was known as Spirit, Mind, Heart.  In its early development it evolved into Namaste Interfaith Healing Center as it relocated to the Tibetan Plaza.  With further growth, it came to be Spiritual Healing Temple.  It has held that name except for a brief interim as the Shamanic Reiki Center.  Today, we are pleased to see that it has finally established itself fully as the Spiritual Healing Temple.  Perhaps at some juncture you knew us under one of our former names?  Our Services have continued without interruption, growing as we have grown.  

From its inception, we have been committed to meeting people where they are in their spiritual journey, assisting them through our services in their spiritual healing and growth for ultimate well-being.  We hope that you can become one of many affiliated with us.

Briefly, About Our Services:

Weekly Womens Guided Meditation:   Wednesday Evenings, 7:00 p.m.   Please call or email if you plan to attend, so that we can assure seating set-up is appropriate.   Cost:  $10.    Telephone:  413-512-0865.  Email:  SpiritualHealingTemple@gmail.com.

By Appointment:  Private Healing Sessions; Psychic Readings; Astrological/Numerology/I Ching Studies of the Natal Chart; Sessions on the BioMat.   Contact us to Schedule an Appointment.  Generally, we need three days advance notice for preparation of chart-work which is included.  For more information visit our Services page and/or contact us.  

CLASSES:  Throughout the year, classes are offered on a wide range of topics.  These often include:  Reiki Certification Classes at all levels;  How to Dowse with a Pendulum Safely;  Working with Healing Pendulums; Psychic Protection.  If you do not see a listing that you are hoping for, please let us know.  If we have at least three people interested, we will consider offering a class.  

OTHER SERVICES:  As Ordained Interfaith Ministers we are available for weddings, recommitment services, and funerals.

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Telephone:  413-512-0865.  Email:  SpiritualHealingTemple@gmail.com.