About Reiki Classes


About Usui / Holy Fire Reiki

The purpose of Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki classes is to teach students to heal themselves, others, and the world we live in with the Usui Reiki energy.  Holy Fire acts as stronger and more spiritual light shining through the traditional Reiki symbols and energy.   

At the Usui / Holy Fire Reiki I & II levels, the Usui/Holy Fire attunements are more powerful, and often profound, and make it easier for the students to perceive the Reiki energy than with the Usui/Tibetan attunements.   

Reiki Classes That Are Available:

Usui / Holy Fire Reiki I Training:  A One Day Class

The Level I class includes the History of Usui Reiki and Holy Fire Reiki; sharing of how it is used; meditations, including Holy Love and Three Heavens; Attunement for Level I; Energy strengthening; practice and more!   We are pleased to offer a Caregivers Discount for Reiki I; this is available for those providing nursing care for others.  This discount must be requested at the time of registration. A  Caregiver is someone who is responsible for the  day-to-day personal healthcare of another either within the home, in the hospital setting, or in the nursing home / assisted living setting. 

Usui / Holy Fire Reiki II Certification Training: A One Day Class   

Typically, the Usui / Holy Fire Reiki II Training Includes: 

* Presentation of the Usui / Holy Fire Reiki II Symbols

* Testing and Attunement

* Meditations to Intensify the Reiki Energy 

* Effect Deeper Healing

* Allows the Practitioner to Channel Reiki Energy for Distance Healing

* Introduces and Explains the Use of Three Empowering Reiki Symbols

* Provides Demonstration and Practice of a Sample Reiki Healing Session

* Prepares the Practitioner for Starting Their Own Reiki Healing Business and Much More!

 The class is a combination of lecture, discussion and experience. 

Following completion of this class, it is very important that all PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! 

Usui / Holy Fire Advanced Reiki Training (ART) & Reiki Master Training:  

A 3 Day Class (If combined;  normally held separately)   Pre-requisite:  Usui Holy Fire Reiki II Certification.   Attunements must have been received in person (not on-line or over the telephone).  

DAY ONE Typically Includes: 

Introduction to Usui / Holy Fire Reiki; Three Heavens; Holy Love Experience 

Introduction to the Usui Reiki Master Symbol 

Reiki Meditation that strengthens the mind and expands consciousness  


Advanced Reiki Attunement 

Master Reiki Symbol Exploration 

Reiki Moving Master Symbol Meditation & Practice Using the Usui Master Symbol 

The use of crystals and stones with Reiki 

How to make a Reiki Grid that will continue to send Reiki to yourself and others after it is charged 

Reiki Aura Clearing 

Introduction to Reiki Guides   

About Usui / Holy Fire Reiki Master Training  

Overview &  Meditation 

Presentation of the Holy Fire Reiki Symbol 

Holy Fire Ignition I 

Practice giving Holy Fire Energy to each other 

Instruction on how to give Reiki attunements for Usui / Holy Fire Reiki I & II, ART, and Reiki Master 

Preparing for attunements 

Lots of practice time doing attunements 

How to give yourself attunements

The values and spiritual orientation of a true Reiki Master 

Instruction is given on the Usui system of attunements as well as the Usus Holy Fire System used by the International Center for Reiki Training.    

Generally, over half of the class time is used for practice so that the student becomes confident in administering Reiki attunements 

Students practice giving attunements on each other so that each student receives many attunements.  The Healing attunements is given and received by all students. 

And more! 

A class manual is included that gives detailed steps for giving all the attunements. This class is a powerful healing experience. 

Some elements of the class presentations may vary.  

Symbols, ignitions, meditations, and attunements are central to all classes. 

Read more about Usui/Holy Fire Reiki from the ICRT President William Rand  

Shamanic /  Usui / Holy Fire Reiki Classes

Small Private Reiki Classes are available throughout the year.  If you are interested in a class, please contact us.