About Rev. Nancy Higgins

Shaman, Certified Reiki Master, Healing Dowser, Psychic, Ordained Minister


Nancy is:  Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairscentient.  Nancy uses these gifts in her Intuitive Readings.   In addition to this she is a Trance-Channel for the Elohim.


Nancy has been a dowser for forty years. She studied Advanced Spiritual Response Therapy with Robert Detzler, and continues to study Pendulum Healing with Erich Hunter and Alicja Aratyn. 

In 2017, Nancy completed Science of Dowsing:  Awakening Your Healing Power, Level III, 2017 with Master Pendulum Healer, Alicja Aratyn.

Usui / Tibetan / Holy Fire Reiki II Class


Nancy began her studies in Reiki in 1978, and has been practicing the healing modality since that time.  Nancy is a Professional Member of the International Center for Reiki Training.

Nancy Smudging


Nancy studied with Cherokee Medicine Woman, Sally Perry, for seven years, and has worked as a shaman for the past sixteen years.  

Mary Ann & Nancy, Ordination, 2009


Nancy was Ordained as an Interfaith Minister through the New Seminary in New York City in June 2009.  She was ordained in the Spiritualist Church at Lake Pleasant, MA, in 2006; and, is certified as a Medium and Healer.


Nancy regularly leads the Weekly Womens Meditation that is held at the Spiritual Healing Temple.  

Healing Pendulum Classes


At the Spiritual Healing Temple, Nancy regularly teaches Reiki Certification Classes (all levels), Dowsing, Pendulum Healing, Psychic Protection, Chakra Clearing and Balancing, and offers Healing Sessions and Psychic Readings, by appointment.


From 1972 until 1998, Nancy taught in the public schools in Washington Township, New Jersey. She holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Education. During these years she also studied Graphoanalysis ( handwriting analysis) and Spiritual Response Therapy which is an advanced Dowsing method for healing .

After teaching in the public schools of New Jersey for almost 30 years, Nancy was directed by Spirit to take an early retirement. Her guidance led her to Masschusetts and to the land where she now lives with her wife, Mary Ann.

nancy drumming

When she first moved to Massachusetts, Nancy met and trained for seven years with Cherokee Medicine Woman, Sally Perry, Spirit Medicine. 

Over the years Nancy has led sweat lodges & vision quests, and has assisted many utilizing past life regression, magnetic healing, and shamanic healing. While she no longer leads lodges, she does facilitate Medicine Wheel Vision Quests in the Spirit Wheel at the Center as well as incorporating shamanic work into all of her healing modalities. She is known and respected as Grandmother Standing Bear.

Nancy with His Holiness,Swami Parmanand-ji Maharaj in India


In 2003 and 2005, Nancy traveled to Haridwar, India to the ashram of His Holiness, Swami Parmanand-ji Maharaj to study the Vedas, the oldest of all scriptures, for the purpose of obtaining her enlightenment from her Guru. These were profound life-changing spiritual journeys. Swami refers to Nancy as having eyes that can see beyond. Her initiate name is Sahajanand which means natural bliss. Swami Parmanand-ji has traveled to this country and stayed at her home on several occasions as part of his tour of the United States.

Rev. Nancy is a certified medium and healer and was ordained with the National Spiritualist Alliance in 2006. She uses her skills as an intuitive in all of her work. She offers private readings by appointment in person or over the phone. Rev. Nancy is also a trance channel for the Elohim, who speak through her at many of the psychic reading sessions and at meditation group on Wednesday nights.

New Seminary, Interfaith Ministry Ordination Class, 2009 (Nancy  Far Left End, Front Row)

After meeting her wife and partner, Mary Ann in 2005, they both began Interfaith Ministerial Training with The New Seminary in NYC. In June of 2009 they were ordained in the Riverside Church, New York City as Interfaith Ministers. They are available for weddings, funerals, and all other spiritual ceremony as needed.

A Healing Pendulum

A professional dowser, using many types of healing pendulums,  Nancy is able to shift the energy of emotional, physical, and spiritual issues easily. She offers classes in all levels of pendulum dowsing and radiesthetic healing ( an advanced dowsing modality). Private appointments are available for in person work or distance work. Energy work is as effective at a distance as it is in person.

Always following intuitive guidance from Spirit, Rev. Nancy may utilize any and all of the many other metaphysical modalities that she has studied and continues to study over her lifetime(s).

She believes that there is only ONE Supreme Source called by many names and that this Source dwells within each one of us. And while there is only ONE Sourcethere are many paths to that Source with guidance coming from many Masters. One of her tasks is to assist you in finding your path and then walking it with Light-filled confidence and love.

Her arms are always open and ready to give you an energizing and healing hug!

Wedding:  Rev. Nancy Higgins & Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee at the Spiritual Healing Temple in 2013.

Wedding Ceremony at the Spiritual Healing Temple (in previous location at the Tibetan Plaza, South Deerfield, MA), 2013.  A day of joy with family and friends!

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