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“As above, so below”. . . the ancients understood this well, and from that, astrology came into being.

Mary Ann’s journey into Transcendental Astrology began years ago with her first studies in Numerology and the works of Numerologist, Hazel Wilson, and Transcendental Astrologer, A.G.S. Norris.  As these are works that are long out-of-print, she is grateful that Spirit led her to those works – works to which she still refers today!   


Educational & Professional Background:

Mary Ann worked for 30+ years as Certified Professional Librarian, and has her Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science.

She is an Ordained Interfaith Minister, and served as Pastor in the United Methodist Church before embracing the Interfaith Path.

In 2007, Mary Ann Tourjee and Nancy Higgins founded the Spiritual Healing Temple. In 2017, they celebrated a decade of continuous service!

Mary Ann has been studying and practicing numerology, the I Ching, and astrology for over a decade.  In 2012, Mary Ann began formal study of Astrology by entering the Foundational Studies of Astrology with the Faculty of Astrological Studies  in the United Kingdom.   She completed that course in December 2015.  Currently, she is enrolled in the Noel Tyl Masters Degree  Certification Course in Astrology.  It is a a great blessing to be able to study with El Maestro,Noel Tyl. 

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Sacred Geometry:  The Flower of Life, Artist: Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee

In 2017, Mary Ann presented “Creating Sacred Geometry:  A Meditative Practice Class”.  Sacred Geometry is a powerful!  Mary Ann has found that creating Sacred Geometry Mandalas requires a meditative focus and that the finished piece is a perfect addition to your personal meditative practice.  On occasion, this is a workshop that she leads.  All that is required is paper, pencil, eraser, colored pencils, a compass, and ruler.  

SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR & Workshop Leader & Teacher

Mary Ann received her Ordination as an  Interfaith Minister through The New Seminary in New York City, June 2009. From 2005 – 2008 she served as a Certified Local Pastor with the United Methodist Church. During that time, her beliefs expanded and grew.  In January 2008 Spirit told her that it was time to leave that ministry as she had other work to do.  The Spiritual Healing Temple had just been “planted” in December 2007.

Mary Ann is a member of Spiritual Directors International.

Online, you can find Mary Ann’s spiritual blog, Spirit Sounds,  which provides short reflections for your contemplation. Visit Spirit Sounds.


Numerology Study by Mary Ann
Numerology Study of the Birth Name, Birth Date, and More!


Healing Heart Rosary
Created by
Mary Ann Tourjee



Mission Rosary Project Gift
Presenting Rosaries made by the Mission Rosary Project to Sister at the Franklin Care Center, 2009.  The Mission Rosary Project was founded by Mary Ann Tourjee, and provided Rosaries, Mallas, and Prayer Beads for All Faiths from 2008 – 2010.




Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee & Rev. Nancy Higgins with their Interfaith Ministry Ordination Class of 2009 from the New Seminary in NYC.  Ordination was held at Riverside Church in New York.
Mary Ann & Nancy

Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee and Rev. Nancy Higgins on Ordination Day, 2009

Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee & Rev. Nancy Higgins
Mary Ann & Nancy

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Mary Ann Tourjee, Astrologer & Nancy Higgins, Shaman, Psychic, Pendulum Healer, & Usui/Tibetan/Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher

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