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Astrologer, Mary Ann
Mary Ann Tourjee, Astrologer


ASTROLOGER and Numerologist

“As above, so below”. . . the ancients understood this well, and from that, astrology came into being.

Mary Ann began her studies with Numerology – the Science of Numbers – which reveals so much  through the birth name and birthdate! From that beginning, she soon realized that to truly understand numbers, she must learn astrology. Astrology provides the opportunity to assist others to better understand their own life energies, and even how that energy interacts with another in relationship.  Ultimately, Astrology can provide a better understanding of who we are, and of the energies surrounding the happenings in the life.  Astrology, Numerology, and the Astrology of the I Ching provide a glimpse of the blueprint of the life, or more specifically, of the ebb and flow of the energies surrounding the life.  

Mary Ann received her Foundation Training in Astrology through the Faculty of Astrology Studies in the United Kingdom. Currently, she is in formal study for her Master of Astrology of Certification with Master Astrologer, Noel Tyl.   She views all that she does as a “life-long study” because there is always so much more to learn and understand!

Sacred Geometry:  The Flower of Life

Artist:  Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee

Creating Sacred Geometry:  A Meditative Practice Class

Sacred Geometry is a powerful!  Mary Ann has found that creating Sacred Geometry Mandalas requires a meditative focus and that the finished piece is a perfect addition to your personal meditative practice.  On occasion, this is a workshop that she leads.  All that is required is paper, pencil, eraser, colored pencils, a compass, and ruler.  

SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR & Workshop Leader & Teacher

Mary Ann received her Ordination as an  Interfaith Minister through The New Seminary in New York City, June 2009. From 2005 – 2008 she served as a Certified Local Pastor with the United Methodist Church. During that time, her beliefs expanded and grew.  In January 2008 Spirit told her that it was time to leave that ministry as she had other work to do.  The Spiritual Healing Temple had just been “planted” in December 2007.

Mary Ann is a member of Spiritual Directors International.

Online, you can find Mary Ann’s spiritual blog, Spirit Sounds,  which provides short reflections for your contemplation. Visit Spirit Sounds.


Numerology Study by Mary Ann
Numerology Study of the Birth Name, Birth Date, and More!


Numbers are a universal language, and Mary Ann offers introductory classes about numerology, how to discover much about yourself and your life journey through your name, birth date and more!  If this is an area that interests you, contact Mary Ann to see when an upcoming class will be held.  Email: SpiritualHealingTemple@gmail.com 

Sacred Beading by Mary Ann

Healing Heart Rosary
Created by
Mary Ann Tourjee


Creating Rosaries, Prayer Beads and Personal Pieces to meet your needs

Several years ago, soon after the opening of the Spiritual Healing Temple, Mary Ann began sacred beading — creating rosaries, malas, and prayer beads for many traditions.  Soon that work grew in the Mission Rosary Project, which met monthly for a few years creating rosaries and prayer beads.  At Christmas each year, she presented these to the Franklin Care Center in Turner’s Falls for their residents.

Mission Rosary Project Gift
Presenting Rosaries made by the Mission Rosary Project to Sister at the Franklin Care Center, 2009.

Sacred Beading Today

Working with semi-precious gemstones, swarovski beads, sacred symbols, and following spiritual guidance, Mary Ann creates unique pieces for others. These pieces may be designed for higher levels of spiritual protection, for enhancing meditative practices, or for general well-being.

Costs vary depending on the piece and the materials required.  

Annually she continues to make special pieces which she donates to support the work of a local church in her area.

For more information contact Mary Ann.

A Sample of the Classes Presented by Mary Ann

Mary Ann periodically offers classes at the Spiritual Healing Temple. Past classes have included: Introduction to Numerology, Angels, A Mandala Vision Quest, Create Your Crystal Astrological Wheel; and Introduction to Prayer Beads.

Spiritual Background

Mary Ann grew-up in southwestern Virginia in a community where many traditional faith paths were represented.  Worship was always a part of her life.  But, it was watching her Grandmother and how she faced great tragedies in her life that Mary Ann credits as “teaching her faith”.  

In 1986, she and family moved to Massachusetts, where she completed her 30+ year professional career as a Certified Professional Librarian.  In the midst of those years, she “heard Spirit” call her to ministry.  While working full-time and raising three children, she began studies for a Master of Divinity, and entered the Candidacy For Ministry Path with the United Methodist Church.  In 2005, she heard Spirit direct her to leave her profession;  she did.  On the eve of her final day of work, she was called by the UMC and appointed Local Pastor of an area church.  

That Appointment brought Nancy Higgins into her life, and opened the door for awareness of the faith paths outside of traditional mainline religion.  In 2007, she and Nancy enrolled with the New Seminary in NYC for the two year course of study for Ordination as an Interfaith Minister.  They were ordained in May, 2009, at Riverside Church in New York.

Ordination Class of 2009 for Interfaith Ministry from the New Seminary in NYC

In the 1990s Mary Ann was called by Spirit to formally enter the ministry path. In preparation, while working as a librarian, she became a student for the Master of Divinity, and formally entered the Candidacy for Ministry path with the United Methodist Church.With synchronicity that only the Divine can arrange, in 2005, she was appointed as a UMC Pastor, which  brought Nancy into her life.   In 2007, Mary Ann and Nancy began formal study for Interfaith Ministry with the New Seminary in NYC.  They were ordained in 2009 at Riverside Church in New York.  

Mary Ann & Nancy

Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee and Rev. Nancy Higgins on Ordination Day, 2009

Over the next few years, Mary Ann experienced transformational spiritual growth which ultimately brought her out of the limiting ministry of the UMC, as she entered the world of Interfaith Ministry, the practice and study of Shamanism, Reiki, the I Ching, Numerology, and Astrology.   In 2013, following the suggestion of Alan Oken, Mary Ann began formal study of Astrology by entering the Foundational Studies of Astrology with the Faculty of Astrology Study in the United Kingdom.   She completed that two year course in December 2015.   In February 2016 she enter the Master Certification Course in Astrology with renowned Master Astrologer, Noel Tyl. Mary Ann is honored to have him as her teacher and mentor.  She continues to be amazed by this study!

Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee & Rev. Nancy Higgins
Mary Ann & Nancy

Today, Nancy and Mary Ann devote all of their time to the work they were “called” to do at the Spiritual Healing Temple.

Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee is an Astrologer and Numerologist, who also works with Crystal Resonance and the Tibetan Bowl in assisting others in maintaining and restoring balance for well-being. She is a Certified Usui / Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher.

She and Nancy work together in private appointments with Clients.

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Nancy & Mary Ann at home at the Spiritual Healing Temple, 2016

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