Spiritual Healing SessionS


Spiritual Healing Sessions are by appointment.  Normally a first appointment runs up to two hours.   The first appointment includes an extended period of discussion when the client shares why he / she is there, and areas of concern are explored.  The first appointment includes a preliminary study of the client’s transcendental astrology chart for the purpose of assisting the client in better understanding potential root causes of current issues.   Prior to the appointment the client will provide birth information as requested.  Every effort is made to accommodate the client’s needs, but as our schedule often is tight, it may require more than a one week wait. Depending on the time involved with that initial discourse, a first appointment may or may not include time on the healing table.  


Follow-up appointments require less discussion time, and will include table time.   Time on the table includes the BioMat, chakra clearing and balancing, and may include other services such as past life regression, connecting with your spirit guides, entity removal, pendulum healing, and more.  

To Schedule An Appointment, Call:

Nancy: 413-512-0865 

About Us

Kep All your Memories AliveL

We are here to  assist you in achieving and maintaining your spiritual well-being.  It is our belief, that as your spirit heals, your journey with your body will improve.  

Rev. Nancy Higgins and Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee are both Reiki Masters and Ordained Interfaith Ministers.  They are dedicated to assisting others in reaching their ultimate well-being.  Together they offer a wide array of services from Psychic Readings to Spiritual Healing to Meditations to Classes to Transcendental Astrology Studies and More!

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Classes are offered throughout the year.  View our Calendar for Upcoming Events.

Rev. nancy Higgins &

Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee

Spiritual Healers

Psychic Reader and Transcendental Astrologist

What We Offer

Spiritual Healing 

First Session:  Primary focus is a discussion with Transcendental Astrology (often does not include table work due to time).  Follow-Up Sessions include brief discussion and Table Work.  


Psychic Readings

Nancy Higgins offers psychic card readings.  These are sessions that can offer deeper insight into many areas of life.  For more information and to schedule a reading, contact Nancy: 413-512-0865.


Transcendental Astrology Horoscope

Mary Ann Tourjee offers a reading of your Transcendental Astrology Natal Horoscope.  This is an in-depth study that can reveal much.  These studies will help you understand yourself better — your needs, what fuels your furnace, what drives you.  It can help identify areas in need of healing.  Contact Mary Ann for more information and to request a study: 413-446-0159.


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Additional Services

  • In-Depth  Natal Transcendental Astrology Chart Study 
  • BioMat Sessions
  • Reiki I for Caregivers Class
  • Reiki II Certification Class
  • ART — Advanced Reiki Training Certification Class
  • Reiki Master Teacher Certification Class
  • Full Moon Drum Circles in Spring / Summer
  • Vision Quests in Medicine Wheel
  • Distance Healing
  • Sacred Beading
  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Compatibility Studies
  • Classes & More