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Spiritual Healing Temple
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The Spiritual Healing Temple was founded in 2007 by Rev. Nancy Higgins & Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee, both ordained Interfaith Ministers, honoring ALL faith paths.  “Interfaith” – always  “in addition to”, never replacing individual beliefs.  Services include:  a Weekly Guided Meditation for Women, Certified Reiki Classes at all levels, Private Spiritual Healing Sessions which include a discussion of the birth chart utilizing astrology, numerology, and sacred texts as applicable; intuitive guidance; and/or clearing and balancing of the energy fields as client lies upon the BioMat (filled with Amethyst) on the healing table – may include past life regression.

Additionally, Classes are offered throughout the year.   These often include:  Usui / Holy Fire Reiki Certification Classes at All Levels;  Dowsing Classes;  Pendulum Healing Classes; Creating Mandalas with Sacred Geometry; Psychic Protection Classes; Introduction to Numerology Classes;  Discovering Angels;  Discovering Crystals; and More!  

If three or more are asking for a class, we will explore a time to provide it for you!

We also offer Psychic / Intuitive Readings, In-Depth Study of the Natal Horoscope, In-Depth Studies of Natal Charts for Better Understanding of Relationship Dynamics, and more!   Contact us for more information:  Email: or Telephone:  Nancy:  413-512-0865;  Mary Ann 413-446-0159.  


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